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The EXO Armor Protection Systems

Dedicated to protecting lives from threats of terrorism, crime and random violence, EXO Armoring provides you with highly reliable vehicle armoring systems so you can go about your everyday life without fear or anxiety.

Handgun Protection System

Engineered to defeat multiple bullet hits from handguns and sub-machine guns while maintaining the original vehicle fit and finish.

Designed to defeat the following threats:



  • .38 caliber

  • 9mm automatic

  • .45 ACP

  • .357 and .44 magnum



3 impacts on the corners of a 120 mm equilateral triangle

Standard Security Features



  • Multi-layered ballistic glass with polycarbonate inner layer (21 -23mm thickness)

  • Perimeter and roof armored with ballistic steel and lightweight composite material

  • Secure-band inserts for tires

  • Bullet-resistant battery

  • Working front power windows

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