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The EXO Armor Protection Systems

Dedicated to protecting lives from threats of terrorism, crime and random violence, EXO Armoring provides you with highly reliable vehicle armoring systems so you can go about your everyday life without fear or anxiety.

Armoring Process


This is the initial step of the armoring process. Here, the vehicle is received, inspected and the body trim dismantled. Only the metal shell of the vehicle is left at this stage. Doors, seats, carpet, dashboard, etc. are removed to gain access to the interior shell of the vehicle.

Opaque Armor Installation


The steel, kevlar and other armor materials as required by the level of protection, are cut into shapes based on the vehicle model. These are then installed using adhesives, screws or by welding. Wheels are removed and fitted with run-flat inserts or similar components. Suspension systems may be upgraded at this stage when needed. 

Transparent Armor Installation


Ballistic glass is prepared and installed. Using special lifting equipment, the windshield is carefully fitted and installed on the vehicle. Other glass components are also fitted and installed using urethane adhesives and mounted on windows and doors with overlap opaque armor.

Trim Installation

This is the finishing stage of the process. Rubber mouldings and appropriate high quality coverings for floor, pillars and quarter panels are used. Seats and other interior components are also installed. Vehicle is inspected, detailed and test driven.

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