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About the Company

Our armored vehicles are undeniably world class, combining Filipino ingenuity and the best in American armoring technology.

Our Profile


EXO Armoring Company Incorporated was established in February 4, 2002 with shareholders and key employees consisting of former employees and subcontractors of a leading US-based armoring company here in the Philippines.


EXO Armoring Company’s experience in vehicle armoring spans over 12 years and built over 500 vehicles of different make and type. This wealth of knowledge and experience allows EXO to develop and install armoring systems for a variety of vehicle make and models.


EXO Armoring offers solutions for handgun (HGP) and assault rifle (ARP and ARP+) protection. Critical materials for these products are sourced from various suppliers around the world including the USA, Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Sweden, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Australia and others. The armor package may be customized depending on the requirements of end users. This may include using different materials, different set up or additional accessories.


EXO also offers vehicle armor assessment and vehicle servicing. The assessment advises the client on what his current vehicle might lack based on his security requirements and how it can be mitigated. 



Our Vision


We are the best commercial vehicle armorer in the Philippines.


We are the most desired employer in the industry we are in.


We employ  the best and most valued employees in the commercial vehicle armoring industry.


We use the best armoring materials acceptable to the market.


We continue to study and develop the best materials, methods and skills to deliver the best armored vehicle to the market.


We are world class.


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